There are always new opportunities on the horizon that affiliates should be looking for to better position themselves financially, whether it’s finding new markets, restructuring your commission models or expanding data monetization. Read on for ways you can boost by your business by thinking outside of the box.

Markets to Watch

India, Eastern Europe and South America are the hottest growing markets right now for gaming affiliates. With India boasting the second largest population in the world, economic growth is increasing—and so is the number of VIP whale players. It wouldn’t hurt to tap into this market!

Eastern Europe and South America are also markets to watch, as their economic growth continues to rise, particularly in South America where increased payment options have made it easier for this market to spend.

Commissions Models

With markets continually changing, particularly in the U.S., it’s important to familiarize yourself with the models common to iGaming like CPA, Revenue Share and Tenancy Agreements but other alternatives like CPL, CPC and CPM. Learn more about what forum members have to say about RevShare and CPA here.

Expanding Data Monetization

Affiliates need to understand the long-term value of email collection, name collection, testing new campaigns and bridging out of their comfort zone.

When markets shut down, as we see happening more and more often, data collection won’t make the fallout seem so bad. If you’re prepared with data collection as a core focus, it won’t seem like a market closing, but rather just a vertical.

This article is an excerpt from “How to Minimize Your Financial Exposure,” an affiliate learning session conducted by Affiliate Media’s Business Development Manager, Brooke Cole. Brooke conducted the session at the Barcelona Affiliate Conference in September. 

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