When was the last time you seriously updated your digital marketing strategy? If you’re like most small publishers and casino affiliates, you’ve probably developed a strategy that worked for you somewhere down the line, and haven’t spent much time updating it in recent times.

But, as we all learn eventually, the marketing strategy that worked so well last year isn’t always the strategy that’s going to pull conversions this year. If you’re ready to update your digital marketing techniques, here are a few trends that are going to be huge in the year ahead, according to content marketing guru Neil Patel.

Live Streaming
Live streaming is an incredibly affordable marketing tool that’s available to any digital publisher who also happens to own a smart phone or laptop computer. Whether you’re live streaming a panel discussion or going all out with a zany publicity stunt, live streaming brings your customers along for the ride. Even better, some studies indicate that as many as 80 percent of web users prefer watching a stream over reading a blog.

Micro Influencers
In the social media age, almost everyone has a platform, an audience, and some influence. Some influencers, like Kim Kardashian, have audiences of millions. Others, the ones that you’ll want to cultivate, have audiences of 1,000 or less. These “micro influencers” are the kind of people who are both engaging, and influencing, the web users you want to cultivate yourself.

Even better, micro influencers are often happy to work with the brands they use in their own lives and are usually more than willing to help promote them.

The marketing trends we’ve described today are just the tip of the iceberg for publishers who are looking to up their digital marketing game in 2018. For more information in this subject, check out Patel’s recent blog post, The Top 9 Marketing Trends to Look for in 2018.

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