A judge in Quebec has ordered that the trial of former Amaya Gaming CEO David Baazov be pushed back to April 16. It’s the latest twist in an ongoing legal saga involving the ex-chief of one of the best known online poker companies on the planet.

Baazov, who is facing a litany of charges centered around alleged acts of insider trading, was originally set to go before a judge and jury in Quebec as early as February 26 (next Monday). That trial date went out the window after his attorneys successfully argued that they needed to more time to review the mountains of evidence the Crown has gathered during the course of its long and complicated investigation.

Of course if Baazov’s lawyers had their way, the trial really wouldn’t be taking place at all. His legal team has been arguing for months that the speed at which the legal system is moving is too slow and is violating his rights. They recently asked a judge to throw out all the charges against their client due to the slow speed of justice in Quebec.

Judge Salvatore Mascia nearly bought the argument telling Baazov’s legal their effort was, “very close at home plate,” according to a report on CalvinAyre.com.

Baazov’s legal representatives have also suggested that prosecutors have dumped an excessive amount of material, much of it unrelated to their client’s current case, on them as part of the discovery process. Judge Mascia did not buy this argument when it was presented last month and, again, ordered the trial to proceed.

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