New online gambling laws in Denmark are going to allow services from other countries to get involved with the local industry. Online gambling operators have praised the Danish approach to online gambling and hope that more EU states will follow in the near future.

As of now, many casinos and sportsbooks have expressed their desire to apply for a Danish license.

Betfair is one of the biggest names to indicate their support for the new Danish online gaming environment. By offering competitive and transparent gaming in a safe environment, casino operators, players, and affiliates will all benefits.

Denmark has been given the go-ahead by EU regulators to implement a lower tax for online gambling services than land-based casinos.

As one of the highest taxing countries in the EU, Denmark was in position to make a big change concerning the online gambling industry – and that is exactly what they need. Online operators will pay a flat rate of 20 percent on all gross revenue. This is in stark contrast to the 75 percent tax rate that land-based operators are faced with.

Denmark is not the only country in Europe that will be offering online casino licenses in the near future. Spain and Germany are joining them. With so many new opportunities, online operators are considering how to best expand into new markets.

With the recent approval by the European Commission of the new Gaming Duties Act, Denmark is in position to open up operations to casino services throughout the world.

This change will give Danish players access to online gambling services that are deemed safe and reputable by the government. These players love slot machines and online poker, and are sure to increase their level as play as new services enter the market.

How do you plan on taking advantage of the new changes to the Danish online gambling industry?

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