Daniel Tzvetkoff, the brainy payment processor who played a major role in the Black Friday scandal is a free man after serving just four months in prison.

Tzvetkoff’s legal woes began back in 2010 when he was arrested in Las Vegas and charged with bank fraud, money laundering and conspiracy to operate an illegal gambling business.

The Australian national avoided what could have been as many as 75 years behind bars after agreeing to act as a witness for the prosecution in the case.

Though turning state’s evidence probably didn’t make his stay in Federal prison any easier, it certainly beat the alternative.

Tzvetkoff split his four months behind bars between Federal prisons in Las Vegas and Brooklyn.

Besides being released with time served – a Federal judge had recommended a sentence of six months to a year – Tzvetkoff also agreed to forfeit around $13 million (USD). It’s not clear how much, if any, of the rest of his estimated $82 million is still at his disposal.

Not matter how liquid he is (or isn’t) Tzvetkoff is now free to return to the Land Down Under where, according to Reuters, he’s already secured employment as the Chief Technology Officer at a, “respectable company.”

Once he’s back in Oz, Tzvetkoff will be able to live freely with no supervision from US or Australian authorities.

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