Tracking and analyzing data can be a major weapon in an affiliate’s arsenal to create conversions. Do you understand your data? If not, you could be missing out on ways to convert your players.

Here are a list of tips to create conversion strategies based on analyzing your data:

Measure Data

Before you can analyze data, you need to gather it first. Help maximize your conversions by tracking the performance of your email marketing, social media, SEO, and traffic on your site itself.

Make sure your email marketing software is providing you with the analytics you need. Google Analytics should be sufficient for measuring data on your website.

Define Your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Businesses need goals. Establish specific metrics to look for when analyzing data. This can help to organize your time efficiently and focus on deficient areas of your operation.

Understanding certain KPIs like average value of search term traffic and average value of visitor to a page can help you identify the areas with the most room for improvement. By tracking data in such a highly-specific manner, you can get a clearer picture of exactly what conversion strategies are working for your business.

KPIs also help you understand how much each visitor is worth to your site. This is important for establishing budget parameters of a PPC marketing campaign and for negotiating deals with affiliate managers.

Once you establish the maximum amount you can spend on a lead while still maintaining a profit you can grow your business more aggressively rather than operating based on guesswork.

A/B Split Testing

Web businesses have the luxury of easily testing out different marketing strategies simultaneously. A/B split testing allows webmasters to divide their traffic in groups and show each group a different version of your page. There are several scenarios where you may want to try A/B split testing to compare the results of a new campaign to an existing one:

  • new banners
  • different site layout
  • different site colors/scheme
  • ordering of iGaming site reviews
  • radically experimental changes
  • headlines
  • call to action initiatives
  • … etc

A/B split testing allows you to analyze data and build your site closer towards its optimal earning potential.

Create Multiple Affiliate Links

It can be hard to know exactly which links your players are converting through. This is why it is important to use a unique affiliate link for each listing on your site.

Expose yourself to more useful data by creating multiple links in affiliate back-end panels. You might find that some vast majority of your conversions are coming from one page on your site.

Track Conversions with Heat Maps

Another method for distinguishing the most valuable locations on your website is to use heat map tracking. There are several heat map programs that can provide you with a visual display of where your visitors tend to direct their focus on your page.

This is a handy feature for the more visually-inclined who might not always know how to make the best sense of numerical data.

What other strategies to create conversions using data are you implementing? Please share in our forums.

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