You’re not a beginner. You’ve spent some time and built a casino affiliate site that caters to a higher class of player, a more experienced gamer.

Why? Maybe that’s the kind of player you are, so that’s the kind of player you want to communicate to. Or maybe it’s because you know that the lifetime revenue share commission model has way more potential with serious, long-term, advanced gamers than with random-converting, casual gamers.

Whatever your reason, marketing to advanced players isn’t that much of a strategic shift from marketing to beginning or intermediate players. The actual content will have to change — it’ll have to reflect the higher level of knowledge and expectations that advanced gamers have.

But your other marketing plans — like finding and marketing to a specific niche, buying a keyword-rich domain, and then creating quality, daily content — will, of course, stay the same.

Earning authority
So, then, how do you go about creating advanced content for advanced players? It’s not a simple process, unfortunately. The best way to speak to advanced players is by knowing something they don’t already know, and that’s not easy to do.

Although, luckily, given how wired the Internet — and even daily life — is for Facebook and the rest of social marketing right now, there’s never been a better set of tools in place for making the kinds of connections, and earning the kind of authority, you need to accomplish this.

Here are three basic elements to building the kind of authority site that speaks to advanced players:

1. Trusted, quality content. You’ll need to spend time building out your site content. Use our prior advice on creating quality content (or hiring someone to create it for you) to formulate a long-term plan that’ll see your site updated at least twice a week.

Research your content, both what you’re writing and the keywords you’re using to write it with. Build a library of quality articles on your topic and you’ll start to develop the anchor links and long-term reputation you need to enter the world of advanced gaming affiliates.

2. Reputation and branding. In our social media-obsessed world, the line between branding and communicating has been blurred so much it’s hard to see it anymore.

That’s good news for affiliate marketers looking to market to advanced gamers. Social media is your best friend here. Seek out advanced gamers and industry authority figures on social media and befriend them. And share info, not only about your site, but about your niche, what’s interesting to you. Talk about the links they share. Build yourself into someone people know and trust.

3. Link building. An online marketer is always working on link-building, so this is, again, par for the course. But consider the importance to a robust linking plan not only to your SEO, but also for your efforts to become an authority site that markets to advanced players.

It’s really this simple: If other authority sites or advanced-facing webmasters link to you, you become more of an authority, and your ability to speak to the advanced gaming market increases.

When speaking of creating authority sites in the casino affiliate marketing world, then, you should consider the sites that already accomplish that goal.

You’ll be working in your own online casino niche. But, for the sake of providing examples, if you were to seek out advanced content for casino affiliates, you’d take a look at: (obviously!)

Browse the deeper content on these sites, and note the expertise used in the content created here. These sites draw from a variety of professional writers, all specializing in online gaming or affiliate marketing, all who can speak expertly on the subject at hand — advanced content for advanced players.

Putting it together
Work on achieving these factors — or just some of them; if you’re a smart marketer, you can probably start with just a few of them. In the course of creating all that content, earning all those links, and making all those social networking friends, you’ll become known as a reputable source of info for your niche. And, what’s better, people will see that you’re a die-hard fan of what you’re promoting, and that’s going to go a long way to getting you in good with the larger community.

Because advanced players are very much aware of their community. They know all the latest gaming news, the latest software updates, the latest changes to online gaming laws. To speak to them, you need to become one of them. Only the best quality content will capture the interest of these advanced gamers.

Questions? Comments?
What’s been your experience creating advanced content? Do you have any tips of the trade to share? If so, sound off in the comments and let us know your thoughts.

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