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Are you a casino affiliate dealing with low player conversions in the online bingo niche? Here are some tips and tools to create bingo player conversions and increase affiliate revenues:

Make Bingo Sexy

Let’s face it, the type of person who enjoys gambling online (young, male, interested in sports and women) isn’t really the type of person one associates with playing bingo. The closest most online gamblers come to a bingo card is when they pick up their Grandma from the local bingo parlor. This marketing conundrum is a reason fewer affiliates target the bingo niche than casinos or poker.

There exists a market for increasing player conversions among men into the online bingo niche. This can be achieved by:

  • setting up cross-promotions with casino or poker traffic
  • using a voice of male authority on your site to create an image that online bingo isn’t just for old ladies
  • challenging your readers to an online bingo competition
  • using imagery of attractive females and social drinking culture in your online bingo marketing materials

Check out the 6 Keys to Profiting in the Online Bingo Market webinar held by Phil Fraser and Greg Powell in March.

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