Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is the process of designing your website and content to maximize the number of conversions you’re getting day in and day out.

Sound familiar? It should.

Conversion rate optimization is built on a lot of the same principles as search engine optimization and is a natural fit for conversion dependent industries like igaming.

Overall, conversion rate optimization is very similar to SEO but with a few key differences that make it very appealing to casino affiliates of all sizes.

First and foremost, CRO is dependent on your ability to draw in qualified leads and keep them moving down the sales funnel. That’s a far cry from SEO’s reliance on the whims of a certain, quite powerful, search engine company.

If you’ve been struggling with building your conversion rates while competing for top page rankings, CRO is something you’ll definitely want to look into.

The CRO Advantage

One of CRO’s biggest selling points is that it focuses on what affiliate marketing is all about, bringing customers and businesses together. Compared to the daily grind of chasing keywords and page rankings through traditional SEO, CRO sounds quite civilized.

And, as Gambling Affiliate Guide’s John Wright recently pointed in recent posting on CRO saying:

While everyone has been chasing the SEO dream for a while, many have been overlooking which is really what the core of internet marketing is about and that is getting the most value out of your traffic. If you can’t make a sale, what is the point of trying to drive more traffic?

Wright’s point is well taken; a top page ranking won’t mean much if it’s not drawing in qualified traffic.


It’s important to note that while CRO can help affiliates become less reliant on SEO, it’s not a replacement for the old web marketing standby.

Good CRO and good SEO go hand in hand to bring in those qualified leads by presenting high quality content in a search engine-friendly site. And just like traditional SEO, CRO is based on having clearly defined goals and metrics to track those goals.

Conversion goals go far beyond simply getting a player to deposit and can include everything from e-mail signups to social media shares and even forum posting. But no matter what the conversion goal, web publishers need to have a system in place for analyzing your successes and failures.

Learn More About CRO

Conversion rate optimization is a subject that’s warrants some in-depth research and consideration by any affiliate who is serious about increasing revenue by targeting qualified leads.

(For a more in-depth look at CRO, we suggest taking a look at some online tutorials like this one from Qualaroo.





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