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Mike Litson

Mike Litson has been in Search Engine Optimisation for several years and specializes in competitive markets predominantly Gambling and Financial Trading. Having worked with many major players in the online sector, he has a solid understanding of what goes into making a successful campaign both on and off site a success. Mike is currently lined up to speak at several major events this year including EGR, the iGaming Super Show and EcomTim and is rapidly making a name for himself on the conference circuit. Focusing mainly on SEO, Mike is also very well versed in SMO, PPC, Affiliate Management and Email Marketing believing that none of the skills are mutually exclusive and that having strong knowledge across online marketing channels can provide unique opportunities to any skilled SEO. Mike is currently the Managing Director (CEO) of Greyheart Media Ltd

Mike’s Recent Articles
BY MIKE LITSON 8 YEARS AGO For a long time, it seemed that celebrity endorsements were for big brands and big budgets. In recent years, this has begun to change.… Read More
BY MIKE LITSON 8 YEARS AGO At AAC 2013, I covered basic to intermediate SEO techniques for the search engines, Baidu and Naver. With Baidu having the majority market share in China… Read More
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BY MIKE LITSON 9 YEARS AGO Okay, so a lot of this is going to be highly speculative based on the way Yandex has operated with their plans in the past, and some of it will simply be a guide on best practices that are likely to stay the same for the long haul. … Read More
BY MIKE LITSON 9 YEARS AGO The entire SEO and Affiliate industries have been abuzz with news of the link disavowal tool arriving. … Read More
BY MIKE LITSON 9 YEARS AGO Why one affiliate believes that Facebook\'s latest swipe at the iGaming world appears to be nothing short of extortion.… Read More
BY MIKE LITSON 9 YEARS AGO If you\'re just sick and tired of being a prisoner to Google, here are some new Search Engines for you to check out.… Read More
BY MIKE LITSON 9 YEARS AGO You may notice that most of the big SEO winners are mega brands and that\'s true, but that doesn’t mean the little guy compete. There are things you can learn from these guys.… Read More
BY MIKE LITSON 9 YEARS AGO One SEO shares his experience with negative SEO and what you can do to prevent it from effecting you.… Read More
BY MIKE LITSON 9 YEARS AGO Videos from the ionSearch 2012 event, including footage on black hat SEO, content marketing and link building!… Read More

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