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How To Deal With Duplicate Content

Just a few years ago, duplicate content wasn't such an issue with Google. But gradually, the space has started to change with every new algorithm update cracking down on duplicate content harder and harder. ... Read more

Why You Should Add Comedy to Your Content

Humour is an underrated tool when it comes to content and content marketing for casino affiliates. Whereas there’s nothing wrong with this content – relevance is fundamental to SEO – there’s a banality about it that should encourage affiliates to broaden their horizons. ... Read more

Worldwide Sports Betting Calendar

Sports betting cycles may ebb in flow from country to country but when you look at the whole world, it's a 24/7, 365 day business. Here's a worldwide sporting event calendar to help plan your promotion activities. ... Read more

The Content Revolution: 4 Ways to Diversify Your Website Content

David Merry runs through 4 ways of diversifying your website content to engross your audience, enhance brand reputation and increase the likelihood of backlinks from authoritative websites. ... Read more

How to Write News for Your iGaming Site

Having trouble drumming up gambling news for your sites? Here are a few tips for coming with content on a slow news day. ... Read more

Nongaming Affiliate Marketers Using Videos Right

Creating videos and then using them as part of your affiliate strategy can be intimidating. Not everyone is brave enough to take the step and appear on camera or even do a basic voice-over. ... Read more

10 Predictions for the Future of the Internet

What's the future of the Internet hold? Here's our ten predictions for the future of the World Wide Web. ... Read more

How to Get Comments on Your Content

A lively comments section can drive tons of traffic, but getting readers to actually comment can sometimes be tough. Here's a few tips for establishing a comment section that racks up readers. ... Read more

Is Baseball Betting Dead?

Does anyone still bet on baseball in the United States? Those elusive baseball bettors are still out there, but tracking them down requires some effort and plenty of statistics. ... Read more

Before You Blog - Consider This

Experience is the best teacher and, when it comes to blogging, Neil Patel's has plenty of it. Here's what he wishes he knew before he ever started blogging. ... Read more
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