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Why Native Advertising Won't Survive ... According to Some

Native advertising has been a hot topic for the past year, and it continues to make the headlines this year as well. There's a particular opinion circulating around that native advertising will soon see its demise. ... Read more

Cardplayer Lifestyle: A Content Marketing Case Study

Effectively implementing a content marketing strategy can be tough for smaller affiliate but Rob Strazynski at Cardplayer Lifestyle has it down cold. Here's a look at his techniques and (spoiler alert) he's focused on the big picture. ... Read more

2014 Kentucky Derby Content Tips & Promotions

The Kentucky Derby is horse racing's premiere event and is big news for experienced gamblers and newbies alike. Here are a few content tips and promotions to help you take full advantage of the Run for the Roses. ... Read more

Adding a Second Language to Your Website: Good or Bad Idea?

Maybe you think it is time to add another language to your website, but have you really looked at all the pros and cons of it? Check them out here! ... Read more

Content Shock: What it is and How You Can Avoid it

Content Shock is another ways of saying, "Content Crash," and that could be coming to an Internet near you. Here's what the "Content Crash" is all about and how you can avoid it. ... Read more

How to Address UIGEA on Your Website

The UIGEA can turn into the most boring section of your website. Learn how to make it an interesting and informative piece which can build up your website's trustworthiness and ease your players' minds. ... Read more

How Smart Affiliates Address Problem Gambling on Their Website

If you are a smart affiliate, you know that addressing problem gambling can have great returns for your website and the industry. Here's how you can start bringing up this touchy subject. ... Read more

Now Is the Time to Jump on the User Generated Content Bandwagon

User generated content is a web marketing buzzword that can beef up your conversion rate. Here are a few facts about this hot trend casino affiliates should know about. ... Read more

How to Find Contributors for your Website Content

A fact that every web publisher knows is that creating good content takes a lot more time than we'd all wish it did. And the worst part is that without good content, you won't be able to attract visitors. ... Read more

Infographics: Why They Fail For iGaming

Why haven't we seen any gaming infographics that went truly viral? Don't infographics work for iGaming at all? ... Read more
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