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A to Z Guide to Internet marketing strategies for poker lovers

If you're a good poker player, you've probably wondered at some point how you can make more money from your passion and talent. It's not hard. Here's a framework to get you started. ... Read more

Marketing security essentials for gaming affiliates

What should affiliates know about online gambling security essentials? Here's a quick rundown of how to market safety and security to your visitors. ... Read more

Content Writing for SEO

... Read more

Creating advanced content for advanced players

Marketing to advanced players is different than casual gamers. If advanced players are your ideal market, or if you think they will be eventually, the sooner you start building an authority site that speaks directly to them, the better. ... Read more

Four tips for drawing a crowd with your content

Writing great content that draws a crowd means knowing your subject matter. It also means knowing your audience and how to push their buttons and ignite controversy. ... Read more

The importance of 301 redirects

One of the most effective webmaster tools that casino affiliates have at their fingertips may also be one of the most overlooked: 301 redirects. Understanding this tool is essential for long-term SEO success as your site evolves and improves over time. ... Read more

How to write a great article about casino gambling

When it comes to building an online casino website, and marketing it in the search engines, quality content is essential. Luckily, it's not nearly as hard as it looks, although there are a few tricks to the trade. ... Read more

Charlie Sheen's five tips for great casino website content

There's something about Sheen's confidence, boldness and arrogance that can show you how great your casino website content could be. Imagine yourself getting in front of people, getting a little crazy, and, yes, winning. ... Read more

Why Forex?

Recently here at the CAP Learning Center, we explored the basics of forex affiliate marketing and how it could successfully fit into a gambling affiliate’s online business plan.Check out that article for the basics of what forex is and how it works. And now, let’s go into more detail on why forex affiliate marketing not only could but should be on your online business map.Size matters“Forex is the largest and most liquid market in the world,” states “In 2010, ... Read more

Understanding Online Sports Betting in Europe

The online sports betting business model is more sophisticated and regulated in Europe than anywhere else. But that doesn’t mean it’s completely without its regulatory issues and hurdles for affiliate marketers.Get to know the regulationsWhen you’re starting off in a niche such as online sports betting, make sure you fully understand the regulatory challenges you might face before you start.Even he UK, where online sports betting thrives, can be challenging. The challenges you’ll face will be a result of such ... Read more
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