Anyone who follows SEO news knows that content based link building is the heir apparent to paid link networks. Of course talking about this new link building strategy and actually implementing it into your content marketing strategies are two, entirely different matters.

Shifting away from paid link networks and other less-than-Penguin-friendly strategies takes time, but pays off in solid, organic links that are very valuable for SEO purposes.

Jon Cooper is a Florida-based SEO consultant whose Point Blank SEO firm specializes in link building strategies. He recently posted a comprehensive list of link building strategies and here are some of the best content based techniques from his post.

  • Guest Blogging - It’s the big buzzword in SEO circles, and for good reason. Finding an authority site that’s willing to publish your content and links is a huge deal. Don’t forget to take Neil Patel’s advice and link your guest blog post to a dedicated landing page for readers of your host site.
  • Utilize Internal Linking – So long as you have plenty of great content sitting on your site, why not utilize it as much as possible? Linking to your own content is a very effective means of building up link juice.
  • Blog Partnering – Look around and see if you can’t find complimentary sites to share, related, content with. We’ve talked about how a sports betting affiliate can promote the Tour de France on a traditional bicycling blog and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. A partnership is going to extend beyond basic guest blogging and engage in more complex cross-promotion.
  • Post up comments on Do-Follow Blogs. These blogs won’t mark your links with the no follow tag. Some sites clearly label themselves as no follow while others are listed on Do Follow directories. Just be certain you’ve researched a site a little before stepping in whit some linked comments. Let’s just say that some Do Follow blogs are better than others.

Looking for more link building strategies? Check out Link Building Post Penguin in 10 Easy Steps.

Social Media Link Building

Social media sites like Twitter and Google + are tailor made for organic link building based. Given that the average lifespan of a Tweet is just a few minutes, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be promoting links on the service several times a day.

If you’ve mentioned a website or product in your original content, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be direct messaging that link to the product’s Twitter account. Most companies are more than happy to re-Tweet positive articles.

Don’t forget to post links up on Google Plus as well. Most people don’t pay much attention to the fledgling social network, but Google sure does.


Content based link building isn’t as easy as paid networks or directories, but it is Google-approved. Once you start getting those organic link and shares built, you’ll never worry about the Penguin again.

What content-based link building strategies have worked for you? Let us know about them on our SEO forum.

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