Conscious Gaming, an American non-profit, is launching a new campaign called Bettor Safe that’s aimed at preventing Americans from dipping their fingers (and cash) into illegal gambling markets. It’s a campaign that’s really in line with the goals of regulated gaming and also speaks to the need to educate the average American gambler.

At its heart, Bettor Safe is aimed at steering American players away from illegal and offshort gambling sites and keeping them in the regulated market. While the campaign definitely benefits regulated gambling markets, it real purpose is to protect American gamblers from unscrupulous, unlicensed gambling operators. So besides pointing players to regulated sites, Bettor Safe will also educate them as to why it’s probably not such a good idea to gamble offshore in the first place.

In a recent press release, Conscious Gaming VP of Corporate Social Responsibility & Communications, Seth Palansky described the campaign saying, “Bettor Safe underscores Conscious Gaming’s commitment to consumer protection and safety by directly educating individuals about the risks of unregulated online betting. This campaign comes at a pivotal moment when American sports fans are gearing up for the NCAA basketball tournament amid a pandemic that continues to push individuals online. Now more than ever we must educate consumers and equip them with the tools to make more informed decisions about online betting.”

The Bettor Safe campaign is launching in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, two of America’s most active gambling markets, and is expected to roll out in other states in the future.

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