Using social media to market your gaming affiliate business is quick, fun and can catapult your online visibility in all the right ways. If done correctly, social media can be the pollen that attracts the bees—but common mistakes made when using social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Reddit can cause an affiliate to get stung.

As a gaming affiliate, here are five common mistakes to avoid when using social media.

TMPI (Too Much Personal Information)

While social media accounts should be personal, many people get too personal with their updates. As a gaming affiliate, it’s important to maintain a professional image when interacting with potential customers. For instance, if you’ve been ill and haven’t been accessible, it’s OK to post that you’ve been sick. However, posting that you puked your guts out and are five shades of green isn’t cool. This also goes for bashing your ex online and engaging in other shady behavior. Think before you post, and don’t jeopardize your reputation.

Shameless Self-Promotion

If you’re using social media to grow your affiliate business, it’s only natural to self-promote, but there’s a fine line. If all you ever post is self-promotional updates, this is like social media spam, and it gives little value or enjoyment to your followers. Think about the things your audience is interested in. Post funny videos, pictures, movie quotes, etc.–even if they don’t all relate to the gaming industry.  Then when you do post promotional items, they’ll be better received and more likely to get a response.

Not Engaging Your Followers

In the same way that ignoring people who are talking to you in person is rude, it is equally rude when you don’t respond to what people are saying to you online— especially if they are interested in your services. Respond to comments on Facebook, retweet on Twitter, and always answer questions from your followers, or better yet, ask questions for people to respond to. This builds a community around your account—and increases traffic in the process.

Ignoring Negative Comments

Just as you should respond to all positive comments, you should also respond to negative comments. A lot of times negative comments are no more than someone not understanding something that’s frustrating them. By ignoring their comment, you are validating that they have a right to be angry and that you can’t help them. For instance, if someone has had a negative gaming experience, find out if there is a way you can change their perspective by addressing their questions and concerns.

Not Having a Business Plan

To make social media work for you, you need to have a business plan. The key to a successful business plan is to develop an online persona as an expert in your field; i.e. a gaming affiliate. Provide valuable information and insight and you will become the go-to person when your users are ready to buy. Also, make sure to always brand yourself. If someone were to read your posts and then go to your website, would they know it’s you? Tie everything into your brand on social media, and you will have a business plan that pays off in spades.

As a gaming affiliate, have you made any of these social media mistakes? Or others that aren’t listed here? If you dare to tell us (we won’t laugh), post your shame in the comments below.


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