In the affiliate marketing industry, there are two groups of people: affiliate marketers and operators. Both parties are out to accomplish the goal of earning as much money as possible. Unfortunately, this often times leads to issues for one group or the other.

By uniting to create better commission structures, both sets of people would benefit.

Most affiliate marketers are the same when it comes to choosing a service to promote. In addition to finding the one that converts the best, they are most interested in the one with the highest payout. Operators that agree to a reasonable and competitive commission structure will find that more affiliates are interested in pushing their offers.

But this only benefits the affiliate, right? Not so. Consider this: operators that offer a competitive commission structure will have an easier time not only attracting affiliates but also keeping them happy over the long haul. Although they may be paying out more, a higher volume will make up for it.

When one or both parties resist the other, it is difficult for either to benefit. In the world of online affiliate marketing, mutually beneficial relationships are the ones that last the longest and lead to the largest number of satisfied participants.

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It would be great if affiliates and operators could come together to create a better revenue model. By uniting on this front, both parties could increase profits while making the entire experience more enjoyable.

Some affiliate program operators are more likely to listen to affiliates than others. Unfortunately, these programs are few and far between. In the future, any unification to create better commission structures could do wonders for the industry. Which group is going to lead the way?

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Have you had any luck finding operators that are interested in a mutually beneficial relationship? Share your experiences with the rest of us!

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