GigaMedia is a provider of online entertainment services and software. Through its many subsidiaries, the company operates a variety of online game services throughout Asia and China. They have partnered with City State Entertainment, a game development company that builds online brands – with a focus on the mobile market.

With this partnership, GigaMedia is in position to expand in the area of social games while also spending more time on mobile and tablet platforms.

Although the market has yet to make a large push towards mobile computing, there is no denying that this is bound to happen in the near future. Both GigaMedia and City State Entertainment are aware of this pending change, and have positioned themselves to take full advantage as the industry begins to turn in this direction.

By combining the experience and knowledge of both companies, the joint venture will be able to create and release high quality games to players all over the world. As more and more people go mobile, including those interested in online gambling, the popularity of mobile and tablet based games is sure to explode.

This is a big step forward for the mobile market on many levels. GigaMedia media founder Mark Jacobs said, “We are delighted. The partnership creates a launch pad for exchanging creative ideas and information – an exciting mix of East and West.”

Each company on its own is successful, but did not have the manpower and/or knowledge to dive headfirst into the mobile gaming market. By teaming up, the joint venture is sure to take the mobile world by storm.

As the two companies ramp up, we will be here to cover any new titles released on a mobile, tablet, or social networking platform.

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