New Jersey Governor, and failed GOP presidential candidate, Chris Christie is ready to take his state’s fight for legalized sports betting to the highest court in the land.

During an appearance on the Boomer & Carton sports-talk radio show, the embattled Governor expressed his frustration with the US Justice Department and his desire to have his case heard by the US Supreme Court.

Despite knowing that the hopes of a favorable outcome from the Supreme Court is extremely slim, Christie says it may be his state’s only hope saying:

I think we go to the Supreme Court. There’s only one step left: the United States Supreme Court.

Christie also threw more than a bit of shade at President Barrack Obama’s Justice Department for not allowing states to have the final word on sports betting on their home fields. He pointed out that the Feds aren’t exactly consistent when it comes to enforcement. Colorado, he said, is free to sell legalized marijuana without Federal interference:

That’s OK, but he sent his Justice Department in to fight New Jersey to get legalized gambling. Go figure that out…This is the long arm of Barack Obama’s federal government, where he takes away rights from a state.

The Governor, who moonlights as a Donald Trump advisor, also suggested that the professional sports leagues are maintaining a hypocritical stance by supporting daily fantasy sports, while simultaneously fighting regulated sports betting:

With the NFL, Major League Baseball, the NBA, the NHL, the NCAA, they’re all making money off fantasy sports — they’re investing in it. They go to court and they try to stop us in New Jersey from legalizing what is happening every Sunday — illegal bookmakers in the mafia. They’d rather have them do it.

Though he bloviated extensively on the subject, Christie presented no time frame for when New Jersey might move to have their case heard by the Supreme Court.

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