It’s important to choose the right casino program to advertise. How do you decide which casino program to advertise? Well the most important thing is to find a casino which is fairly transparent with its operations and will pay you! The best place to find a good list of casino affiliate programs is at


Casino Affiliate Programs (CAP) lists a number of casino programs it certifies, here affiliates are able to ask programs publicly and privately questions about their affiliate programs. Affiliate programs also use CAP as a resource to make announcements about their affiliate programs and casinos. Casino Affiliate Programs who are certified are obligated to operate transparently, and field questions from affiliates.


As an affiliate, CAP is an excellent resource for you. You will find 1000’s of casino affiliate who interact at CAP, from the new to the experienced. CAP also provides some excellent learning tools, and guides to help you. If you have any questions about a program, or how to do something within the industry, or to find out when the next convention is – you’ll find your answer at CAP.


Any of the affiliate programs listed at CAP are suitable, but if you do find that one program isn’t performing for you, it’s best to change the banners and try another affiliate program. I would suggest that giving an affiliate program 2-4 weeks to perform is ample time.


Once you’ve found a few affiliate programs you are happy with, register with them, login into the program – grab your banners and linking codes, and paste them onto your web pages.


If you need help doing this, it’s best that you contact the affiliate manager for that program. Affiliate managers generally will bend over backwards to help you get their banners onto your website!


The best places to put your banners are on the top and bottom of articles, as well as on the front of your website. IF you can get a hold of reviews of the casinos you are advertising from the casino affiliate manager, the better. You want to give as much information as you can to the visitors to your website about casino they can play at. The more trustworthy, reliable and professional you can show a casino to be, the better chance you will have at converting that visitor into a player! 


Keep in touch with your casino programs


Casino affiliate programs have their own affiliate managers. Its best you find out who the affiliate managers are, and get in touch with them. They will be your link between you and the casinos. They will help you with pretty much anything that you might need, from banners, to linking codes, to content for your website! Knowing your affiliate manager, and chatting to them on a weekly basis will also help you to keep up to date with the happenings of their affiliate program, and happenings within in the industry.


Discuss topics with fellow webmasters


The best way to learn is to read and discuss topics with your fellow webmasters. CAP has an excellent discussion board,, where affiliates regularly come to read and discuss the latest topics concerning online gambling. You can find domains to purchase, find out who the bad programs are, and learn more on how to SEO your website.


It is important that you do read and discuss with your fellow webmasters, CAP is a serious discuss forum, and your time there won’t be wasted!

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