Having the right webhost to host your website is important. If you choose one that has poor support, or keeps falling over, you could be missing out on valuable players.


You won’t need your own server – that’s just too expensive, and for someone who is starting out, it’s more then what you will need. What we are after is a shared server or webhost.


When choosing a webhost, I prefer to use a webhost which is on linux / unix systems. Why? Well there are so many tools and applications out there written for the linux / unix platform to help you build your empire.


As you build your website you’ll find new tools which you can add to your website to help you enhance, manage and promote your website.


The main things to look for in a shared webhost are


Must Haves






Cpanel / Plesk (some sort of Control Panel)


DiskSpace of 300Mbs or more


Bandwidth of 2Gbs or more








       Dedicate IP 


If you are able to get a dedicated IP for your website, take it, it’s well worth it!


Here a couple of webhost I have dealt with in the past, and can recommend them.


Webhosts in the US








Webhosts in the UK




The webhosts in the US are generally cheaper than the webhosts you will find anywhere else.


Once you have signed up with a webhost, you will receive an email from them, giving you information on how you can setup your domain with them.

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