The online poker sites in the CEREUS network — Absolute Poker and (formerly Ultimate Bet) — have announced some big changes to their rakeback structure.

In a message sent to all Chipleader affiliates (both sites utilize the Chipleader poker affiliate program), representatives from the poker sites stated that, starting on March 25, 2011, players will not be allowed to create more than one rakeback account on either site.

“As of today, only the first account created on the CEREUS Poker Network can be a rakeback account,” that message read. “A second account created on or after March 25th, 2011 will no longer be eligible for rakeback.”

The message goes on to describe “affected players” as those who already have an account with either CEREUS site, and who attempt to create a new account under another CEREUS site. In doing so, none but that first account will be eligible for rakeback – “regardless of whether or not their first account offered rakeback.”

The “non-affected players” are described as those who have created two or more CEREUS Poker Network rakeback accounts “on or before March 25th, 2011”. These players “are not affected by the change,” the message states.

“Once again, your existing players with two CEREUS Poker Network rakeback accounts are not affected by our new policy,” the message clarifies. “Players are still allowed two CEREUS Poker Network accounts – one Absolute Poker and one”

Some are speculating that this news is in anticipation of Victory Poker’s expected move over to the CEREUS Poker Network.

So far, that move hasn’t been confirmed by Victory Poker — but it hasn’t been denied, either. “I would be excited to join a network that hosts the third largest site in the U.S. and has very few partners to focus on. It would be great for everyone involved,” Victory Poker CEO Dan Fleyshman told Poker News Daily.

The affiliate angle
Whether you approve of this change or not, it certainly wouldn’t be a bad idea to let your site visitors know about it, if you promote Chipleader poker rooms. Far better than dealing with upset players after the fact, and risking losing the commissions they generate altogether. and Absolute Poker are two of the world’s most highly trafficked websites. The CEREUS Network as a whole “is the eighth largest in the industry and the third largest to accept U.S. players,” reports Poker News Daily. “The home of and Absolute Poker has a seven-day running average of nearly 2,000 cash game players with a 24-hour peak of nearly 3,200, making it over three times as large as the Cake Poker Network.”

CEREUS poker sites and Absolute Poker can be promoted with the Chipleader poker affiliate program, a CAP Listed Program.

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