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A recent thread on the CAP forums asked affiliates about their favorite luxury watches and here are the top choices from that discussion.

Audimars Piguet – Leo Messi Royal Oak Chrono

The Royal Oak ‘Leo Messi’ limited edition series from Audimers Piguet is one of the those watches you won’t run into very often and you’ll definitely remember it when you do. These high end chronographs come in steel/tantalum, pink gold/tantalum or platinum/tantalum and are limited to 1,000 of each.

Not surprisingly, these timepieces do not come cheap. They range between $30,000 and $80,000 depending on what model you get. Those prices do include both an alligator and a rubber strap. Watches in this series come housed in their own lacquered boxes and self winding.

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