The Carousel Group is entering the freshly minted Colorado sports betting market and they’re bringing the weight of their high-powered domain with them. It’s a move that gives them a pretty sweet toehold in the US market, but they’ll have to wait out a pretty uncertain future that currently doesn’t include any live sports.

In a recent press release, Carousel Group CEO Daniel Graetzer remained optimistic saying, “Despite the ongoing and tragic global crisis, we couldn’t be more confident and optimistic about the sports industry and we’re very excited to be bringing our flagship brand to the American market. While other entities have closed their doors and laid off employees, we’re hiring staff and expanding our operations into the United States.”

David Minter, Managing Director of Johnny Nolon’s in Cripple Creek (which is about 100 miles south of Denver) shared Graetzer’s enthusiasm adding, “We are delighted to be partnering with such an emerging, dynamic and technologically driven company such as Carousel Group and are very excited about this partnership. Johnny Nolon’s Casino was the first casino to open for casino gambling in Cripple Creek on Oct 1, 1991 and we are looking forward to now finally be able to offer sports betting.”

Entering into a partnership with Johnny Nolon’s Casino in Cripple Creek helps Carousel Group fulfill a longtime goal of expanding into the US market and they’re feeling very confident that Colorado will only be the beginning of a much larger enterprise. But, like every sports betting operator on the planet, Carousel Group is contending with a crashing economy and a lack of live sports that may hamper wagering, especially as the critical American football season approaches. Interesting times, indeed.

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