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Dropbox is a handy app that keeps becoming more popular among affiliates due to all the features included in their program that are especially designed for affiliates. Dropbox enables you to share files between an infinite number of people around the world simply by uploading the file to the Dropbox folder installed on your computer. This app offers file sync, sharing and secure backup in one application and affiliates are able to access the data from their computers and from the Dropbox website wherever they are. One of the most appealing features of Dropbox is that it is simple and it easily blends with your phone and your operating system, the app is currently being used by 200,000 people monthly. The mobile app has been developed for Android, iOS and Blackberry, and the computer software is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux.

This app is convenient for travelers too, as well as for those whose business strategy requires that they share multiple files through a wide network of people.

The basic format (2GB) is free for users, to increase storage capacity there are fees which you can look at here.

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