There are many great reasons for considering scratch card affiliate marketing. Scratch cards are rapidly gaining a reputation for being simple, safe and yet amazingly entertaining. This is the sort of game that attracts newbies and seasoned players alike. That’s why you can see great conversion from pushing scratch card games on your casino affiliate site. Here are 6 great reasons to consider scratch card affiliate marketing. Have a look and realize their potential!

1. Offer Something Unique

We have stressed the need to diversify before. If your portfolio mainly consists of gaming and poker ads, you can improve it greatly by adding on the scratch card ads. These ads will not only increase your selection but also give it a unique feeling that influences the way the visitors to your site perceive it.

2. Attractive Games

Scratch cards are very attractive games. Forget the original versions that you tried in a local kiosk! The online scratch cards are still cheap to bet on, but they offer the player a magic gaming experience where the end result could be a huge prize sum. This lets you push for the attractive combination of small bets with the chance of winning big money.

3. Join the Giants

Important online gambling sites like Bet365 are offering a wide variety of scratch card games. They realize the potential of these games and so do their players. When you offer scratch card ads you are joining the giants and this increases the authority of your casino affiliate site.

4. A Game for Everyone

Poker and gaming ads are certainly for anyone that wants to play online, but you know that it takes more information than an affiliate ad to convince the new player to go for it. Scratch cards are so simple and well known that you might not need much more to send new players to the casinos through your site.

Demographics of the US Scratch Card Player

5. Big Wins

We already mentioned that the possibility to win big on the scratch cards makes them a very attractive type of casino game, but just how much? Well, if you join Aspire Affiliates you are offering the visitors to your site instant winnings of up to $1,000,000! Add to that cash prizes of more than $200,000 and you can see that you have great reasons to consider scratch card affiliate marketing.

6. Reach Every Market

Many gaming markets are crazy about the scratch cards. If you want to get a grip of the UK market and other European markets, you shouldn’t lack one of their favorite casino games. As a rule of the thumb, where they enjoy Bingo (like on the UK market) they usually care a lot about scratch cards.

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