Though most punters spending time at these days are looking for Super Bowl odds, the site recently made news for a completely different kind of competition.

Next month, a supercomputer by IBM called Watson will play Jeopardy all stars Ken Jennings — who once won 74 consecutive games — and Brad Rutter, who’s won the most money on the game (more than $3 million).

$1 million is at stake in the game. And Bodog’s betting on the ‘bot.

“With the famous showdown between man and machine looming, bookmakers are sad to report that IBM’s Computer, known as Watson, is the odds-on favourite to beat both Jeopardy champions Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter,” Bodog said in a news release.

“Jeopardy is seen as the ultimate challenge in the artificial intelligence world because the game’s clues involve analysing subtle meanings, irony, riddles and other complexities where humans excel and machines do not,” the release continued.

The show is scheduled to be screened from February 14-16. Affiliates can promote Bodog via the Bodog affiliate program.

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