The day after Thanksgiving in the U.S. is widely known as “Black Friday,” a day in which millions of dollars will be spent in retail stores. However—due to the sluggish economy, high gas costs and consumers simply not wanting to fight crowds—more people are turning to their computers to shop. As a gaming affiliate, how can you tap into this blizzard of online traffic and route consumers to your site?

Here are a few tips for affiliates to take advantage of the Black Friday online masses.

Social Media is Key

To promote your website, blog, YouTube channel, etc., exhaust your social networks. Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and more should be a buzz with your subscription info, promo videos, holiday bonuses (get creative here), Black Friday deals—anything potential users will be interested in and current users can share virally.

Create a Black Friday Email Campaign

In the same way you are using your social networks, blast off a Black Friday email campaign. Again, include holiday promotions, newsletter offers and Black Friday deals (perks for new subscribers, “Thank You” bonuses for loyal users, etc.). Get creative with the way you word these emails to attract clientele, i.e. “Shopping is for Women, Gaming is for Men!” Embed pictures of gambling Santas, etc.

Create Black Friday Landing Pages

For Black Friday—and the holidays in general—set up landing pages on your website/blog that are SEO friendly with keywords such as “In Stock,” and “Where to Buy.” As a gaming affiliate, get creative with how you complete these sentences, i.e. “Online Gaming In Stock” or “Where to Buy Online Gaming,” etc. Use Google AdWords to find other highly searched holiday keywords. Also, check with your affiliate partners to find out what Black Friday deals they are promoting.

Remember—Black Friday is November 25th—so get cracking!

Are you planning to use Black Friday online traffic to your advantage? Any ideas you’re thinking about doing that aren’t listed here? Tell us in the comments below.

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