Do you remember the days when the gaming affiliate space was relatively untapped? Competition was low and making big money was a very real possibility. Affiliates who got into this industry early on had the chance to clean-up. If you missed out on this opportunity, don’t fret. Instead, take advantage of the next big thing: binary options.

Affiliate marketing is an ever evolving industry. The binary options industry is picking up steam, and it is important for you to position yourself for future success.

Before you can get started, you must gain a better understanding as to what binary options are and how you can earn money. Binary options are predictions on how an asset will perform over a specified period of time. Will a particular stock fall or rise over the next day? In addition to stocks, other assets that fit under the binary options umbrella include indices and forex pairings.

How does all of this work in the favor of affiliates? Keep this in mind: Investors are becoming more and more involved with binary options due to the potential for high returns. The return is fixed before the option is purchased. Returns up to 85% are not uncommon, making these investments extremely attractive.

Affiliates can cash in on the fact that investors are looking for ways to earn big returns. Binary options services are offering a variety of assets for trading. With increased opportunities, investors are flocking to the markets in which they are most comfortable.

Much like the early days of the online gambling industry, affiliates have the opportunity to earn a lot of money. The base cost-per-acquisition can be as high as $200 per transaction. If you opt for revenue sharing, you can expect somewhere in the range of 35%.

Binary options offer a fixed payout based on how an asset will perform. Investors love the simplicity and potential for big returns. Affiliates love the high payouts. All in all, the binary option affiliate market is poised for huge growth over the next couple years.

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