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Social Gaming Revenue

Social gaming, in its current form, has only been around for a few years but boy has it grown during that time. Social casinos like DoubleDown and myVegas are raking in big bucks for the operators they’ve partnered with and/or been purchased by.

Though a host of social casinos are battling it out for end-user eyeballs and clicks, DoubleDown has emerged as the social darling.

The little gambling-app-that-could started life as a small, Seattle start up, but very quickly latched on to an enthusiastic player base. After just 18 months in business, DoubleDown was sold to International Gaming Technology (IGT) for around half a billion dollars.

A year later, IGT’s investment is been paying off in a big way. As of November, Doubledown accounted for around 9% of IGT’s overall revenue and is growing every quarter. Social casinos, it seems, will be with us for the foreseeable future.

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