BetMGM has an interesting, and very smart, take on the burgeoning US sports betting market. Since regulated action is so new, the field is wide open and operators are tripping over each other to grab a piece of the action.

That’s why BetMGM is in a good position to call itself, “The King of Sportsbooks”, as they’re doing in their in their newest ad campaign. After all, since the authority of the monarchy is completely made up, anyone can claim to be the king of anything without much argument. And since BetMGM is the first US sportsbooks to claim the crown, there’s not much their rivals can do about it.

BetMGM has signed on Jamie Foxx to be the celebrity spokesman for the new campaign and his sly/cool persona is exactly what most sports bettors aspire to be. And, as one of the first US-facing celebrity sportsbook shills, Foxx will be setting the standard for all those who come after him.

In a statement reported on by Sportsbook Wire, BetMGM’s Chief Marketing Officer Matt Prevost lauded the new campaign saying, “Jamie is an exceptional talent and we’re proud to have him partner with us on our new campaign for BetMGM. The King of Sportsbooks campaign is the next step in the evolution of the BetMGM brand and Jamie brings a unique ability to tell our story in an incredibly creative and entertaining way. BetMGM exists at the intersection of sports and entertainment and Jamie fits this positioning perfectly; we couldn’t be more excited to welcome him to the BetMGM family.”

Expect to see plenty more celebrity endorsements of US sportsbooks in the near future.

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