So long Bet24, its was nice knowing you.

As of May 24, all Bet24 player accounts will be officially migrated to Unibet and the company that made such a big splash in European gambling will cease to exist. This news came to CAP by way of a refreshingly candid forum posting today from NordicBet management on the CAP Forums.

According to the posting, and a slightly more detailed posting on the Nordic Betting site, when the Bet24 accounts change over, affiliate partners’ connection with the company will be cut. Unibet plans to have all Bet24 accounts settled by the end of the month.

There is, however, an exemption in cases where a Bet24 Player was referred to Unibet by the same affiliate partner. Chances are there aren’t a lot of players falling into this category, but it’s a nice gesture nonetheless.

Moving Quickly

Unibet acquired Bet24 just last month in a move that surprised many in the gaming world. Bet24 is a well known sports betting brand in Northern Europe and was active in pushing gaming liberalization across the Euro Zone. On CAP forums devoted to the subject, some posters expressed shock not just at the sale itself, but at the price of the sale, €13.5 million, which they considered to be low.

Unibet has been making big moves in the Euro market for a while now and seems to be positioning itself to be the big man on the Continent. In addition to the Bet24 acquisition, the company moved into the French iGaming market late last year with the purchase of the Solfive Group.

Moving Forward

There’s no easy way for gaming companies to handle player migrations of this sort, but posting information in an affiliate forum is a goodwill gesture that many partners appreciate and, hopefully, bodes well for a smooth transitions.

Bet24 affiliate who want to open partner accounts with Unibet can do so here.

What are your thoughts on the formal end of Bet24? Let us know in our Unibet Partners Forum.

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