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Lately we’ve been showcasing top affiliate programs for individual markets (like Germany or Australia, for example). However, today we want to follow a slightly different direction and have a broader look at the newest and top programs in the CAP directory across all markets.

Therefore, here’s our roundup of the top 7 newest affiliate programs as reviewed by readers and affiliates at

Affiliates United

Rating: 5 stars (maximum), 6 affiliate reviews.

The program lets you promote offers for casino, poker, bingo, sportsbook, skill games, and Forex, which makes it one of the most comprehensive programs in the CAP directory.

The standard revenue share is 25% across all programs, but there’s a promotion going on that will get you 70%/50%/40% commissions for your first three months.

You can do business in markets like: Germany, Canada, UK, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Norway, Sweden, Hungary, Czech Republic, and Finland.

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