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Tips for Bingo Affiliates

Here are our tips for affiliates looking to break into the bingo niche:

Phil Fraser

1. Listen to Phil Fraser. When it comes to online bingo, few are more knowledgeable than Phil Fraser who helped to launch William Hill’s earliest online casino operations. Later, Phil launched an online bingo portal of his own, WhichBingo.com, which has grown to be one of the largest online bingo affiliates. One of the benefits of being a CAP affiliate is access to great industry minds like Phil Fraser who share their tips and understanding of iGaming markets through exclusive video interviews.

2. Market to women… or men! Interested in becoming a bingo affiliate? Try a two-pronged marketing approach to the niche by creating portals that separately target women and men. Since a majority of bingo players are women, your primary bingo marketing efforts should be targeted accordingly. However, since so many affiliates are preoccupied with appealing to the female bingo player, examine what efforts can lead to conversions from male bingo players. Can you think of a way to convert your existing online poker or sports-betting male players into bingo?

3. Remember the slot connection. Bingo players can be converted to casino, and visa-versa, through the doorway of the slot-machine. Both bingo and slots tend to target roughly the same demographic: middle-aged women looking to have some fun and possibly win a ton of money without ever feeling like they’re making any significant risks. Affiliates starting out in the bingo niche should get to know the revenue models of bingo and begin driving their online slot machine players towards bingo promotions. Why start from scratch when you can build on existing players from your affiliate business?

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