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Bingo Legal Lingo

Legal online bingo in the UK where the game is most popular exists. Strong bingo affiliates can make a living targeting that legal market alone without concerning themselves with other bingo legal questions.

As a rule, bingo’s legal situation in most areas mirrors the legality of other iGaming offerings like casino and sports-wagering. In Australia, bingo is referred to as ‘Housie’ for “full house” which is what a bingo card that has had every spot filled is referred to. Australians can gamble online provided that the site is hosted outside of the country.

Legal online bingo in the U.S. does not exist. Unlike fantasy sports, bingo was not included as an exemption in the UIGEA which targeted banking transactions associated with iGaming activity. However, it’s not hard to find an online bingo operator who will accept players from the United States.

Online bingo is less popular in Canada where the government prohibits operators from being located inside the country. This forces Canadians to play at bingo rooms where the games are available in pounds or Euros which suffocates the game’s chances for gaining strong popularity.

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