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Top sites change their designs and layouts quite often, and we don’t only mean major overhauls, but also small tweaks designed to improve some individual elements. With new laws being introduced every year, new affiliate programs, and new online gaming rules and environments, it’s understandable that top affiliates always try to adapt to the current situation and provide the best service possible.

Today we’re taking a look at some of the most popular and top rated online gaming affiliate sites and their latest website design and layout changes:

Then (Jan 2007):




Back then, the site was more about providing an online gambling directory, which users could search to find online casinos. The search engine was in the center of the design. There was only a small block in the sidebar presenting top 10 gambling sites. What’s also noticeable is a big number of banner ads all over the website.

Right now, the design is much cleaner and provides a more understandable experience. These days AskGamblers focuses on presenting a number of bonus codes that are clearly visible in the center of the page rather than forcing users to search for them through a search engine.

Lower down the page there’s a set of direct links to specific casino games, which only speeds up the overall user experience.

The changes at AskGamblers indicate that the site tries to reduce the number of steps a visitor needs to take to participate in various casino games, the offers are more visible, and the presentation is a lot more attractive.

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