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What’s In It For Affiliates?

By analyzing these changes we can notice a couple of trends that are worth to follow:

  • Fewer steps to conversion. The more things users have to do until they reach a conversion point the less chance they will actually do them. Major sites understand this so they try to remove every unnecessary step.
  • More social media integration. Social media boxes like the Facebook box provide some great social proof that strengthens the site’s brand and credibility.
  • Fewer number of elements on the page. Designs featuring many elements on the page are not clear and lower the overall conversion rate. The less elements you use the better conversions you’ll have.
  • Opt-in forms and signup forms. Following up with users via email or other direct channels is still one of the most effective methods of marketing communication.

The best way of building your business has always been to do what other people are doing. We’re positive that by implementing some of the things mentioned in this article you will improve the conversions your affiliate site gets.

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