A lot of web publishers and affiliates think Google doesn’t do much to help SEO efforts but, according to a recent blog posting on SearchEngineLand.com by Susan Kelly, that’s not really true.

In her posting titled, 6 Ways Google Webmaster Tools Can Improve Your SEO Strategy, Kelly outlines how SEOs can use Google’s own equipment to beef up their own SEO campaigns.

Here are a few of her top tips for turning the tables on Google.

HTML Cleanup

Duplicate title tags and other HTML details can drag down your Page Rankings if you’re not careful, but Google is willing to help. Just head over to the Search Appearance tab where you’ll find an option to run an HTML Improvements report. That report includes a wealth of information, including duplicate links you can use for your clean up efforts.

Content Keywords
In the Google Index is a tool called, Content Keywords which Kelly says, “…allows you to determine not what you think your site is about, but how Google sees it.”

This kind of data is hugely beneficial when you’re developing long range content strategies.

Structured Data
Structured Data is useful tool for telling Google search bots what you’ve got on your sites. Like all tools, however, it won’t do you much good unless you use it correctly. In the Search Appearance tab you’ll find a structured data tool that tells you exactly how that information is coming across to Google.

Data Markup
Are your data fields tagged properly? In the Other Resources tab you’ll find a Structured Data Markup Helper that can help you use your metadata more efficiently.

Sitemap Enhancement

Sitemaps are like a guidebook for search bots but too many SEOs simply build them and forget about them. In theĀ Sitemaps section you can you can find out exactly what your sitemaps are telling those bots and if they need updating or repairs.

URL Removal
URL removal is a sticky subject and no one, including Kelly, suggests you take it lightly. That said, there are instances when you truly do not want a link to ever be displayed. (Kelly uses the example of a publisher who accidentally publishes credit card numbers.) When you’re ready to execute the nuclear option on a link, this is the way to go.

Google Webmaster Tools is an incredible resource for beefing up on-page SEO and you know it’s all white hat and Google-approved.

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