At a time when the online gambling industry is wondering exactly what high-tier online gambling domain names are worth comes the news that a highly strategic gambling domain in Australia has sold for just $100,000.

The site was; consider that its American counterpart,, sold for one million dollars less than a year ago, and that was listed at around $9 million last week, this can be seen as something of a letdown to the gambling industry.

“The price however was lower than expected due to restrictive laws on advertising gambling in Australia – last year in Canada sold for $400,000,” reports

And it’s not that Australia’s online gambling industry is weak; it’s reported to pull in about a billion dollars a year.

So is probably to be envied for snatching the domain at such a great price. It should help boost the company’s fortunes down under and position it to excel in Australia’s online poker business in the coming years.

In Australia, although online gambling is not really regulated, advertising online gambling services are prohibited. reports that “the price could have been 10 times what was paid if gambling advertising were allowed in Australia.”

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