Australians who want to use their credit cards to do things like make deposits at online casinos will not be able to use cards issued by Macquarie. The Aussie financial group has bowed to pressure from the country’s anti-gambling faction and has banned the use of their cards for most transactions involving the gaming industry, with a notable exception.

According to a report in the Australia Financial Review, Macquarie is banning the use of its cards for gambling purchases including the purchase of lottery tickets. This ban goes well beyond the standard of self-exclusion that’s practiced in most Western countries and is a big push in the tide of anti-gambling measures currently sweeping through placed like the UK.

There are, however, some exceptions which include one that is pretty convenient for one of Australia’s more powerful group of merchants, news vendors. Under the new rules, transactions from merchants who are not labelled as gambling operators won’t be blocked. So if you buy your lottery tickets from a newsagent (the same ones who are successfully shutting down digital lotteries) you’re still cleared for flight. Conversely, non-gambling transactions at gambling establishments are still approved. So feel free to spend more than you can afford on alcohol, but not on gambling.

Bank officials helpfully point out that, “There will be other instances where we are unable to block the authorisation of gambling or lottery related transactions. You’ll continue to be responsible for these, and all charges on your card.” After all, the bank wants you to be responsible, just not too responsible.


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