Google’s latest update is nameless, harsh, and has no mercy for thin content. Though it wasn’t given a name (Google doesn’t do that anymore) the SEO media has dubbed it, the Phantom Update.

Though most SEO watchers don’t think the Phantom Update is related to the Panda Updates, it does focus squarely on content.

In a recent blog posting on titled, How to Insure Your Content Meets the Standards of Google’s New Phantom Update, writer Matt Secrist shared some tips that are relevant to casino affiliates.

Bullk Up Your Content

You probably won’t be surprised to find out how-to sites like YourHub caught the brunt of this latest Google update. In fact YourHub’s traffic is down a whopping 22% since the update took hold. That’s because Google is not particularly fond of 200-word, keyword packed how-to nonsense.

Secrist’s advice on content bulking isn’t especially glamorous, but it’s dead on accurate, quite messing around with SEO gimmicks and start producing content your readers will actually want to read.

It’s no secret that real content converts a heckuva lot better than a couple hundred words of garbage built around an affiliate link.

Proofread Twice

Google is very serious when it comes to quality content and good grammar is definitely a major factor in their judging criteria. If your content is full of spelling and grammar errors, there’s not a Google update out there that’s going to have sympathy for you.

Be Consistent and On-Topic

Consistency is a value Google seriously loves. If you’re posting quality, relevant content on your site week in and week out, you’ve got a real shot at staying ahead of Phantom Update trouble.

If you can’t commit yourself to a consistent blogging schedule, you need to either hire a freelancer, or consider another line of work. Google has made it very clear that the days of low quality content are done and done.

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