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Google’s main mobile platform – Android – is constantly on the rise, attracting more smartphone and tablet owners. The system isn’t as popular as iOS among developers yet, but it certainly can’t be neglected as something that affiliates need to understand and get familiar with if they want to expand their businesses to new audiences.

Here’s our look at some of the new interesting apps on the Android apps market. The list features apps that affiliates can use themselves, as well as those that will be more popular among their audiences.


Quixey is a new search engine for apps. Its main promise is that it allows anyone to quickly find the apps they need. The app uses natural language as the base of their engine, so users don’t have to know the exact keywords to find the apps they’re interested in. As an affiliate, you should make sure that every app you’re offering as part of your business is visible in Quixey.


Everypost is a very interesting social media app that allows you to post your updates in multiple networks at once. What’s particularly great about it is that you can fine-tune your updates for each network individually. We all know that posts that look great on Twitter won’t look as great on Pinterest, for example. Some of the supported networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Pinterest.

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