Google Analytics is a powerful tool set that gets its straight from the horse’s mouth, but it’s not the only game in town.

A recent report on Search Engine Journal titled, 9 Top Google Analytics Alternatives, took a look at the world beyond Google and found some interesting tools. Here are some highlights from what they found.


One of the biggest complaints about Google Analytics is that its cumbersome interface is tough to use and is constantly changing. Clicky does an end-run around those complaints with an easy-to-use interface that’s also mobile friendly.

Clicky’s free for one website with up to 3,000 page views and pricing plans start at $9.99 a month.


Piwik is another that’s easy-to-use, though some users have found its installation process to be a bit complicated. That minor flaw is more than made up for with responsive customer service and an interesting plug-in marketplace.

Pikwik is free for users who host on their own server.


Gauges main selling point is a straightforward dashboard that puts tons of stats right at your fingertips. Users report few problems with the install process and (very affordable) pay packages kick in for sites with 100,000 monthly page views.


Mixpanel steps out of traditional analytics models with a focus on events, not page views. If you’re all about segmentation and A/B testing, this could be the analytics program for you.


This program also offers a straightforward dashboard and easy set-up but has an emphasis on heat mapping technology. Reinvigorate is also noteworthy for being very WordPress-friendly.

Basic plans start at $9.99 a month.


FoxMetrics offers a unique pricing plan that’s event-focused and is especially good for affiliates who already have very specific goals in mind.


KissMetrics could be a very good choice for affiliates who are looking to better understand their player base because it tracks individual visitors over time. This window in viewing habits could be incredibly useful and pricing plans are event-based.


Woopra takes individual customer profiling up a few notches and is another great analytics choice for casino affiliates. Besides basic demorgraphics, Woopra profiles go deep into consumer behaviors.

Woopra is free for up to 30,000 monthly actions.

Adobe Analytics

Unless you’re running a pretty big operation, like super-affiliate big, Adobe Analytics probably isn’t something you’ll be looking at. If you are that size, you’ll love the depth of features and big time customer support that a $5,000 monthly fee buys you.


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