Another setback for U.S.-based gaming affiliates as Best Casino Partner (BCP) has apparently shut down entirely, while still owing a considerable amount in payments to affiliates.

In May, forum members throughout the igaming world started to express concern with Best Casino Partner (BCP). Payments had been stalling since April, and the program had suggested to affiliates that payments would be switched from a monthly to a quarterly basis.

But that information was vague, and affiliates complained about the difficulty of getting a clearer answer. Now, just over a week later, the program appears to be completely defunct.

“BCP has completely closed down,” CAP’s Brooke Cole announced yesterday, explaining that “they have taken a big loss with a major processor and funds have not been recovered yet. The BCP team is working diligently to find a solution but have no quick answers or eta on payments.

“Looking at this situation and the market as a whole affiliates should be aware that they may not be paid the full amount due,” Brooke warns.

Today, visitors to the BCP website can see only a static image (pictured) with no ability to clickthrough to other pages.

An unpleasant surprise
This development comes as a surprise, as most affiliates had favorable impressions of Best Casino Partner, which was considered to be among the more reliable, established, and trustworthy casino affiliate programs.

“I was always paid on time,” writes whs-web at the CAP Forum. “I too brought in a consistent amount of daily new players since they started. However, I am too waiting on considerable money from last month.”

It’s uncertain whether the company is suffering from seized funds connected to Black Friday or from their own internal issues. What is known is that considerable affiliate payments are overdue, and the company has not successfully communicated when or if those payments will be paid. As a result, BestCasinoPartners has been suspended as a CAP Listed Program for the time being.

The BCP network of online gaming brands included Online Vegas, Go Casino, Crazy Slots, and Grand Vegas Casino.

U.S. alternatives
With this sudden loss of another previously reliable U.S.-facing casino affiliate program, it’s difficult to predict what’s going to happen in the big picture, but U.S. affiliates worried about payment processing do still have a number of options, including:
Rialto Affiliates

Thanks to CAP member Steve S for first posting the head’s up at the CAP Forum.

Stay tuned to for further updates to this story and any other gaming affiliate issues.

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