Or "How to make a fast quarter million?"
Reports from the online gambling affiliate marketing community are starting to surface regarding what appears to be the failure of an affiliate program that offered members the prospect of million dollar returns at 65 percent commission rates….all for an initial outlay of a thousand dollars for membership. Alas, from accounts by some of those who signed up and paid their cash, it appears it was all too good to be true.
In mid-2006 one Blake Vantrees of a new outfit called Jack n Queens apparently owned by JNQ Global Inc used a email address to start contacting various online poker webmasters with the attractive offer, advising them that the deal was relatively exclusive in that only 250 affiliates would be taken on board. He gave a money-back guarantee that covered a period of 90 days after beta testing commenced.
For those affiliates that signed up and sent in their money things appeared to be going well for awhile, with communications answered promptly, but towards the end of 2006 the excuses, and erratic communication started. Apparently there was a software development problem with the system, which was supposed to be using webcams to add a new dimension to online poker playing.
However, the concerns of the affiliates were assuaged in March 2007 by the news that alpha testing was imminent.
What happened after that, noone knows. Communications, even via private messaging on forums where Vantrees was known to post, went unanswered and the embryo website for the venture was closed.
Some affiliates claim that Vantrees is still around, albeit keeping a low profile but playing on online sites like Titan Poker as recently as early this year.
Any further information from affiliates still chasing their $1 000 refunds would be welcomed as InfoPowa seeks further confirmation on this story.