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 Crispin Nieboer

Crispin Nieboer is the founder of Gaming Media Group, a multi-media poker operation that includes the well-regarded Poker Channel TV brand and he’s done it all on his own terms.

In fact, he’s worked very hard not only making Gaming Media a big success, but also a place where young talent can really reach new heights. In an interview with PokerStrategy.com he described the atmosphere at the company this way:

We work hard and play hard here at GMG (Gaming media Group). Since we started the business 6 years ago we’ve always wanted to create a non-corporate culture where young, bright and enthusiastic people can join the company and get trained in a wide range of skills with lots of exposure at different levels, and no politics.

Since moving on from Gaming Media, Nieboer has tried his luck with a green energy start up and worked as a consultant for William Hill.

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