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Mark Suwankumpoo: Head of Acquisition and Retention, GameAccount Network

If your entire professional life is played out in the gaming business (both casino games and video games) there’s a good chance that you might wind up as a pretty fun person yourself.

Mark Suwankumpoo started out his career in a Q/A spot with Sega back in 2000. That position is notoriously attractive to game geeks who see it as a way to play video games professionally. Unfortunately, many of them burn out when they realize the position involves a lot of hard work and attention to detail. Suwankumpoo, stuck it out in that job but eventually turned to real money gaming during a three-year stint with Ladbrokes.

These days, Suwankumpoo is with GameAccount Network and isĀ all igaming, all the time and that’s great news for his friends and colleagues in the business. His presence helps elevate the festivities at industry events and his professional skills are top notch. That’s a great way to mix business with pleasure.

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