Miami, FL (PRWeb) October 28th, 2008 — Absolute Poker has introduced a new feature to help online poker enthusiasts keep track of their folded hands and ultimately hone their game. The 'Show Folded Cards' function lets online poker players see the cards they folded at any given time during a hand.

"Poker players love to remain a part of every poker hand, even after they folded their cards," stated an Absolute Poker spokesperson. "Our new 'Show Folded Cards' feature helps players remember exactly which cards they tossed away so that they can better follow along with hands that they’re no longer a part of and improve their game over time."

The new 'Show Folded Cards' feature is seamlessly integrated into the existing poker software. To see their folded cards, players at Absolute Poker can simply navigate their mouse over their player plaque, the box displaying their username and avatar or Absolute Poker logo should they not have an avatar. The folded cards will immediately appear grayed out and slightly opaque.

While the folded cards remain out of play, players in poker games of all types will find the feature useful in fine-tuning their style of play for similar scenarios.

Full details on Absolute Poker's 'Show Folded Cards' feature can be found at

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