Online lottery gaming may not be the first term you think of when you consider casino affiliate marketing.

But with steadily growing popularity, plus the marketing power to offer players direct access to hugely popular real-world, real-time lottery games like the U.S.’ Powerball and Mega Millions drawings, lottery affiliate marketing is quickly becoming an online gaming niche with real earning potential.

Though it doesn’t quite have the SEO power of poker or bingo, lottery affiliate marketing is a budding market with a bright future. Let’s take a look at six good reasons to explore this little-explored online gaming marketplace:

1. Built-in popularity. In the U.S., lottery games are among the most popular forms of Internet gaming, and that’s thanks largely to the fact that it’s legal and regulated. In most states, even before the Internet existed, people have been playing the local lotto for decades.

Online versions of U.S. lotteries, CongaLotto’s Powerball interface, for instance, offer an arguably even easier way to play those lotto games. Players quickly choose their numbers and amount of drawings in just one step. That ease of use, combined with the game’s existing popularity, spells big marketing potential for gaming affiliates.

2. Big wins. As this article was published, the United States’ Mega Millions jackpot was climbing to a record jackpot of $312 million (and getting a good deal of media exposure ini the process, further adding to online lottery’s marketing reach). The Powerball is at $101 million, and the Hot Lotto sits at five and a half mil.

Internationally, Europe’s Euro Millions was at €133,000,000 today, while Brazil’s Mega Sena sat at R$39,000,000, Italy’s SuperEnalotto at €34,600,000, Germany’s Lotto at €19,000,000, and the United Kingdom’s National Lottery at £4,400,000. You don’t have to be a marketing expert to understand the power of those numbers.

3. Variety. Like any of the best casinos, leading online lottery sites offer an impressive range of sheer variety in their gaming and betting options. In addition to offering players a crack at real-world lotteries like the France Loto or Australian OZ Lotto, lottery sites like have their own lottery games with their own jackpots and prizes.

There’s also access to raffles from around the world, keno gaming, and a ton of alternate lottery games to keep players happy, and coming back for more.

4. Opportunity. As regulations expand in the U.S. and more private operators enter the online lottery fold, affiliates can enjoy further access to a market that’s already been built over the past ten years and that’s looking for additional sites to play on.

5. Low competition. By Google’s keyword tool, there isn’t much SEO competition for “lottery games”.

Interestingly, searching Google’s keyword tool for lottery shows that each state shows up in the collective rankings. That means that gamblers are specifically seeking out the state-run programs, but it also presents a ready-made marketing demographic breakdown for the ambitious webmaster.

6. International opportunity. Though it’s a smaller niche, the online market for lottery affiliate marketing covers almost as much ground as any other segment of online gaming. And all the major lotto sites offer games in a dozen or more nations.

Collectively, the CAP Listed Programs offering online lottery games cover the U.S., EU, Canadian, Australian, and Latin American markets.

How’s this legal? The online lottery sites technically act as messenger services, meaning they deliver the tickets to players. So, it’s the players’ responsibility to be residents of the jurisdictions in which they play, and to legally be able to claim their winnings.

How to get started?
There are many online casinos that offer lottery gaming, and quite a few sites that focus on Internet lottery only, as well. Of course, here at, we offer a robust selection of lottery-friendly affiliate programs, with their commission models, markets, and promotable brands laid out in easy-to-navigate panels. Check it out here, and find your next affiliate marketing revenue model today.

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