Virtually all across the board, we’re seeing people reporting Facebook engagement numbers falling dramatically.

In short, what’s happening is that Facebook keeps reducing the organic reach for all business/fan pages. This is due to the growing number of pages and crowding up of the whole network. At least that’s what Facebook says.

However, at the same time, they also encourage us to spend money on advertising to bump our posts and make them more visible.

If that doesn’t sound attractive to you then you can still adapt some of the following methods:

1. Introduce an Integrated Approach

There’s still a handful of social media platforms where you can reach your followers uninterrupted. Platforms like Twitter, Pinterest, Google+.

Post your updates there first and look at the numbers to assess which posts are the most likely to resonate well with your audience. Then release them on Facebook. If they catch up, you can still get good reach.

2. Use Personal Accounts

Even though Facebook is cramping up on business pages, there seems to be no action taken against personal accounts.

Use this insight and either create new personal accounts or use the ones you already have to publish various updates related to your brand.

3. Post Multiple Times Per Day

It’s reported by some people that posting multiple times a day does help in battling the recent updates on Facebook.

After all, since Facebook limits the number of people that see your posts, it’s unlikely that you will make anyone mad by bombarding them with your updates every hour. It’s highly probable that Facebook releases your updates to new groups of people every time.

4. Automate

It’s thanks to tools like Buffer that you get: (a) the possibility to schedule your updates instead of having to carefully publish them on the clock, and (b) insights into how well each of your updates is performing.

You can use this knowledge to adjust your strategy and optimize your posting schedule to get the most exposure possible.

5. Consider Boosting Popular Posts

You’re surely not happy about spending money to get your updates viewed, but you should at least consider boosting the ones that have already gotten good organic reach in comparison to your other updates. Doing so, you can get in front of even more people, sometimes at a very low cost.

(Note. We’re boosting only the top performing posts in order to reduce costs per single action.)

What are you doing right now to beat Facebook’s algorithm update?

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